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"I simply can't wait to tell the world how thrilled and happy I am to have had my compact kitchen transformed and created into a spacious, delightful place to work in. This miraculous transformation is all down to the expertise, efficient planning and workmanship of the highest quality, carried out by Mike.

Throughout the whole process his attention to detail is second to none and my husband and I can't speak highly enough of his professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. Most importantly he prevented my husband from developing more stress related illnesses!

Thanks Mike.
You are a Star."

Wright, Ledbury

"If only I could have kitchen cabinets in the same colour as that sideboard!!!!!" (I said)
"We can do that for you" (said Mike)
and true to his word that was exactly what he did!!

"We could'nt be more pleased with Mike Bespoke service. He firstly listened to my idea's, secondly he worked out how it could be achieved, and thirdly he created it!

Thank you Mike & Buff. It was a pleasure having you in our house and inspiring watching your hard work and expertise, turning a simple idea into a beautiful kitchen."

Christine & Rob

"MGE have totally transformed our kitchen. It was originally dark & dingey with no style, now it is light bright and amazingly stylish. Lovely hand painted units, lime green splash back, double Siemens oven & hob and integral fridge & freezer. We especially love the large drawers, bespoke taller cupboards and handmade wine rack and oak shelves. MGE you are fantastic."


"From quote to completion the entire project has been handled professionally and with excellent communication. We love the kitchen, it exceeded all our expectations. Thank you Mike"

Dobs Family

"Mike was highly recommended to us as someone who was both passionate and meticulous in the design and installation of kitchens. Mike demonstrated this throughout the process from his first visit to installation/completion. We are delighted with the final product and its competitive price.

During the design phase we were able to discuss lots of ideas and welcomed his advice/guidance, particularly his focus on aesthetics coupled with practicality (i.e. good sized cupboards / units). It was certainly refreshing not having to fit standard sizes into our non-standard kitchen which had been the case with other potential suppliers.

Installation was hassle free and it was particularly important to us that the designer was also the fitter. Mike was able to discuss and make small adaptations/changes as the installation progressed.

We have no hesitation in recommending Mike and his team."

Moira & Owen

"Choosing a new kitchen isn't easy, and if you're anything like us, you'll spend a long time researching, reviewing and getting quotes. We'd seen Mike's van at a neighbour's house and having looked at his website we decided to get him in for a quote. His was one of 5 different quotes, including some of the big kitchen companies on the market. We were pleasantly surprised by the competitive price of his quote, particularly given the bespoke and high end quality product. After Mike showed us one of his completed projects in Eckington, we knew straight away that we wanted to go with him. The eye for detail and perfectionism in his work was clearly evident.

Mike was full of ideas and recommendations on design choices and layouts, and with a little bouncing of ideas between us, we came up with the perfect layout. Installation was much smoother then we anticipated and the dust and disruption was kept to a minimum. Having had different tradesmen in to renovate our bathroom, Mike and his team were like a breath of fresh air! Timely, friendly, hardworking and most importantly very highly skilled. The work completed exactly on time and the end product was out of this world. We have no doubt that we would not have been able to get the same kitchen through anyone else. It is completely bespoke, allowing us to maximise the full potential of our kitchen.

From start to finish Mike and his team were fantastic. We could not be happier with our kitchen and can not recommend MGE Interiors highly enough."


We had seen Mike's van around the village and knew of some of the projects that he had completed in Eckington. After some initial quotes from the usual high street suppliers to understand the likely cost of a complete kitchen and utility refurbishment we decided to contact Mike to see how his estimate would compare.

As soon as you start discussing your plans with Mike it was clear that you would be getting "your kitchen" and not "a kitchen". We already had a good idea of what we wanted and with Mike's experience we quickly arrived at the initial plan. His enthusiasm for his work was clear to see.

The quote soon followed and were we pleasantly surprised. Yes, it was a little more expensive than the high street retailers but you are getting more. Not simply a collection of standard size kitchen units made to fit the existing space but a made to measure carefully considered layout with the focus on detail and features.

Mike was keen for us to view his work so we visited another property in Eckington that was a prior project of his. We were also advised by Mike to visit the kitchen appliance suppliers to get a feel for what we wanted. Both of these suggestions cemented our decision to go ahead.

The installation process was really quite straight forward. Yes there was some disruption but it was kept to a minimum and at no point were we concerned about what we had embarked upon. Mike and his team are as efficient as they are polite.

Had we opted to have a kitchen supplied by a high street retailer then we would not have been able to have the particular extractor hood that we had placed high on our want list. Due to the position of some steel work in the ceiling the standard chimney section would not fit. With a little discussion and some skill, a bespoke solution was found and the hood was fitted.

This is the difference and we believe the extra that you are getting with MGE. Problems are quickly resolved and can often become a feature that you never thought possible. Mike likes to do something different. This is his personality being reflected in his work. There will not be a kitchen identical to yours.

Mike also has a passion for lighting. This is one aspect of the kitchen that we had not really considered but is now one that everyone who visits comments on and is impressed by. If you have not considered LED's then be prepared for a lengthy chat!

Mike is exacting and precise in all aspects of his work, his confidence is your guarantee that you will be delighted with the end result and we most definitely are.

Simon & Shelley, Eckington

Deciding to have a new kitchen is not only a considered purchase in itself it involves the upheaval in being without one for a number of weeks.

To that end getting the right tradesmen to come together to complete the job in as short a time as possible is crucial and obviously getting a number of quotes for this work is essential.

After doing "due diligence" in that respect we decided that MGE Interiors not only offered a VERY competitive quote for a Bespoke kitchen, they arranged for all the relative trades to come together at the right time.

Mike and his team are extremely enthusiastic and conscientious about their work, bringing Mike's design for our kitchen to completion relatively pain free!!

To say we are absolutely thrilled with the work is an understatement!! "WOW"

Many thanks MGE Interiors

Colin and Sue, Worcester

The prospect of a new kitchen had always been on the horizon but like the horizon you never seem to get there. We took the bull by the horns and committed to do something about it - that was the easy decision. Quite how to go about it left us confused - the options out there are extremely wide ranging and for every good story you hear - you also hear one of woe. After a bit of looking around and generally not being as excited as we should have we decided to look locally and use the much-feared "bespoke" word.

We came across Mike via the internet and immediately were drawn to the images that were quite clearly actual projects rather than showroom images. After an initial call Mike came round on what was one of many visits before we even dared talk about styles and colours. We were very impressed with the enthusiasm and apparent desire shown by Mike to deliver us a kitchen beyond our expectations. Our kitchen did raise a few challenges that might have phased others but Mike was not only able to work around these but actually managed to create some very good features. When we saw the designs, the excitement button kicked in for us and for the first time we had a clear vision of what could be achieved. During this part of the process Mike was extremely patient with us and did not put us under any pressure - we had a vague idea of what we wanted but clearly our ideas were very superficial. Mike was able to offer much advice be it structural or the more cosmetic side of the project but in no way did we ever feel we couldn't put our own footprint on it.

As for the installation itself - this was a very smooth experience for us. For sure there is a degree of upheaval but Mike kept in constant communication with us over any issues or changes to plan. Gradually over a few weeks the empty shell of a room came to resemble our dream kitchen. We had decided to go for an oak surface with a Belfast sink and cream coloured units - Mike was very knowledgeable with regard to the types of wood on offer, their individual strengths and how best to maintain them. We also had a very passionate explanation of the units themselves - the materials, mechanics of and how they were hand painted (not that you'd notice). Additionally Mike was very helpful with the Fridge/Freezer and Oven - Mike took us to view a recent project of his in Eckington and seeing a working Kitchen really did have a strong impression on us. You can talk about specific Freezer/Larder designs but seeing really is believing.

Any teething problems were sorted out immediately by Mike and his team - at no point during the whole installation did we ever feel remotely concerned. We do feel that we benefited from a few things (a) picking a local company has so many obvious advantages, (b) Mike clearly strives for perfection and this was apparent from the onset, and finally (c) the strong desire the go the "extra mile" and the ability to turn a problem into a feature is what we feel ultimately will set our Kitchen apart had we let anyone else come in and do the work.

We can't recommend Mike and his team enough - a very smooth installation and costs explained in an understandable fashion. A kitchen really does make a home and we are very proud of what we now have. It's a shame he does not do landscaping as the garden is the next big project!

Thanks Mike

Simon & Fiona, Eckington

When we decided to convert our kitchen and dining room into a kitchen/diner we looked at all the usual local store offerings. We also decided to ask Mike in to have a look at what we were trying to achieve and to understand the difference between a bespoke kitchen and a standard fitted kitchen.

We are so pleased we chose Mike to do the work. He Project Managed every aspect and worked with us to get us the kitchen we wanted. We now have a kitchen/diner with the "WOW" factor and it is also a pleasure to work in.

Thanks to Mike and Buff for all their hard work. We would definitely recommend MGE-Interiors.

Geoff & Jackie, Bishops Cleeve

Thank you so much for my lovely kitchen!

Sorry I was not there for most of the installation.

Thanks again we are so pleased

Jane & Nick

When considering an update to our kitchen, we were recommended to talk to Mike. From our very first consultation, we were impressed by his attitude and attention to the smallest detail. Through the design phase, he was always willing to consider new ideas, or tweaks to get what we wanted.

Once construction started, the whole team worked very diligently and professionally, although the dogs are missing Buff!

Now that the work is complete, we are thrilled with the result. Despite the upheaval, it was a pleasure working with Mike and his team.

Ian and Viv

Many thanks Mike, I am delighted.

Hope you all have a good xmas<


My mother's kitchen was badly in need of an update. We had visited a local kitchen supplier for a quote and had found the process quite exhausting and they hadn't even visited the house. We then saw a friend's kitchen that Mike had installed some 7 or 8 years earlier, we also saw the accompanying design paperwork it all matched and the kitchen was still looking very good!

We were a little apprehensive about our first visit from Mike thinking that we weren't the sort of people to have a bespoke kitchen, but right from the start Mike's confidence and common sense approach made us think that we should look no further. Mike told us that this year all his quotes so far had been taken up and I was getting concerned that he wouldn't be able to fit us in.

I have dealt with a large kitchen company in the past and experienced many problems, with damaged items and incorrect parts, a gas leak and delays once the fitting had started. I was relieved to know that Mike ran a small business with a qualified team of tradesmen and he would be involved in every process from design to completion.

Mike made sure that there were no nasty surprises by investigating thoroughly existing plumbing, electrics etc. on his first visit and he ensured that we weren't overwhelmed by the task by guiding us gently through the process. The kitchen was installed on time, on budget with only unavoidable disruption and we seemed to have Mike's undivided attention throughout with no multi-tasking.

I would thoroughly recommend MGE Interiors to anyone, and in fact I already have!

Many thanks to Mike and team for a lovely new kitchen.

June & Rachel, Cheltenham

We initially went to B & Q (our nearest 'kitchen place') to look at what they had to offer. After some research on the internet about their level of service we should expect from them and other large kitchen companies, the reviews were not good. Looking at their costings for fitting and unseen 'extras' we were not impressed. Also, it did not make sense to buy a standard size kitchen fitted to their specifications and not our's.

Luckily we came across the MGE Interiors web site, we were impressed and right from the start Mike seemed to know what we wanted. He was up front with prices and following site meetings, discussions and producing agreed plans, he provided us with written quotations (not estimates that could lead to hidden surprises after the work was done).

We have a fairly large kitchen/dining room and wanted continuity between the two rooms. We also wanted to get rid of our awful (adopted) artex ceilings. At the far end of the kitchen is a permanent brick built structure - only one of the things that would make the job less than straightforward.

However, Mike found ways of overcoming this and all other problems to our satisfaction. It took just over three weeks for Mike and his team to complete the works - gutting both rooms, pulling the ceilings down, sanding & resealing our solid Maple floor, replastering nearly every wall, reboarding and plastering the ceilings, complete re-wire including sockets switches down lights and cabinet LED lighting , building the bespoke units etc., all to our agreed specifications.

The team worked non-stop and did not even require endless cups of tea or coffee - a pleasant surprise. Mike project managed the complete job, communicating with us on a daily basis, thus taking the stress away from a major upheaval.

We now have a beautiful new Bespoke kitchen giving maximum storage and built exactly how we want it to be, not how pre-packed units dictate.

Jen and Robin, Forest of Dean

What a stroke of luck to find you - Such a talented kitchen designer. We really do have our dream kitchen. Thank you so much for all your hard work Mike over the last several months, all those meetings, even on weekends to get the layout and detail just right. John and I are absolutely thrilled with it all

Again many thanks

Tess & John,Fiddington

Debby and I badly needed a update to our 14 year old kitchen. We wanted to key the kitchen into the conservatory we were planning in April this year. The thought that we would end up with something mediocre or 'standard' in the kitchen was a worrying one. We did extensive research through all the kitchen suppliers and some showed real promise but seemed to lack the 'Wow-factor'. I was aware of Mike's work from a work colleague so we gave him a call. I can only say that it was the best decision we could have made.

Right from the outset Mike engaged with us and seemed to know what we wanted in the design and look for our new kitchen. Debby and I are not the easiest to persuade when it comes to things we will live with and spend money on but Mike intuitively knew what we wanted and persuaded us down the right path. We did not end up blowing the budget either. It's refreshing to meet someone who has the depth of experience, the technical capability, artistic insight and is easy to get on with to boot. Not being rushed into things, our planning and development for the design must have taken longer than Mike is used to but he patiently eased us through to the final choices. I'm so glad we took our time over this however because what we ended up with was as close to perfection as we could get.

I am absolutely delighted with the end result, nothing was too much trouble for Mike, he listened, guided us and executed. I would thoroughly recommend Mike (and his trusty assistant Buff of course) if you are considering a kitchen upgrade. We are tickled pink and still savour the comments we get from friends on our new 'Wow-factor' kitchen

Steve and Debby - Tewkesbury

We are writing to say a big thank you for our beautiful new kitchen. Working in my new bespoke kitchen is a pleasure, the design really works for me, your workmanship was very professional and the finish was impeccable. The previous kitchen fitted ( by you twenty years ago,) stood the test of time very well, so we had no hesitation in ringing you for a new quote. Just like twenty years ago we are thrilled with the result, the price was very competitive and your design ideas really helped us to decide on the final plan of the kitchen.

Hope to see you in another twenty years Mike, for another new kitchen.

Best regards

Jeannette & Stewart, Northway Nr Tewkesbury

We just want to extend a huge thanks to Mike for transforming our kitchen.

From the initial consultation through to final completion, you proved to be the consummate professional with a meticulous attention and focus on detail. It is this focus that has made the end result fabulous.

Nothing has proved to be a problem - even asking for a central island on wheels ! We would highly recommend MGE interiors to anyone as the quality of the kitchen and level of service is second to none.

Thanks once again.

Ali and Rob, Bredon Nr Tewkesbury

My initial thoughts about MGE interiors, after my builder mentioned them and after checking out their website, was 'apprehensive'. This was mainly because MGE offered 'bespoke' kitchens, which in my experience has always meant expensive and frankly, beyond my reach. It was also because the kitchens on MGE's website, although very impressive, were more traditional than the sleek 'minimalist' style I was looking for. Nonetheless, as they say 'nothing ventured, nothing gained' so I contacted MGE and requested a chat/visit to discuss my requirements.

My apprehension soon disappeared; from the very first visit Mike Evans was very positive, friendly and not at all the 'pushy sales' type person I had feared. Mike explained his underlying approach which is always on symmetry, precision and making the best possible use of room layout (which is why his designs are always made to fit). He very soon totally 'got' the style I was after and offered many original and surprising ideas for me to consider. He also proved his flexibility; although he had not made a handle-less door before, the various options he proposed for a solution to this 'must have' requirement were no less than spectacular! Mike's initial set of designs (drawn up to professional standard and presented in a portfolio) were tweaked several times to reflect our subsequent discussions. The very final design actually evolved during the course of the fit as we worked together to resolve unexpected challenges and work around the 'tricky' bits - for example, the unusual shape of the lower island (which became a highlight) did not actually transpire until almost at the end of the fit, and after much thought and consideration.

The installation period itself was enjoyable, highly organised and well managed; Mike and 'Buff' took over my garden with their work marquee, entertained me with their jolly banter and were always very courteous and helpful (and they didn't expect endless, or indeed any, cups of tea or coffee either, which was a welcome relief!). The installation took longer than expected, however this was testimony to the fact that Mike is a perfectionist and took time and a lot of trouble to get it 100% right as he really cares about his designs, his customers and the quality of his products and workmanship. The other highlights (apart from my lovely island) are the gorgeous white mirror quartz worktops, cool LED lighting, matching ceramic sinks, the inbuilt pop-up extractor and the inbuilt waste/compost bin!

Looking back, I believe the whole process worked so well because the same person is involved through all of the stages - sales, design, installation/fit, finish through to after-care - so you get the understanding of the job right from the start and the consistency throughout, that other, bigger companies strive for but rarely achieve. As for cost - well it did cost more than some 'low-end' high street quotes I'd had admittedly, but it came in much, much lower than a typical 'high-end' designer kitchen company . I couldn't have afforded the latter and I shudder to think that I might have ended up with a cheaper 'run of the mill' kitchen if I hadn't signed up with MGE Interiors. I can honestly say that I am now the proud owner of a fabulous, individually designed kitchen of superb quality, which was surprisingly affordable. MGE Interiors has exceeded my expectations, they have delivered something simply wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone.

Julie, Northway Tewkesbury

It has been a real pleasure to have got to know you over the past few weeks. The care taken over our kitchen the fastidious attention to detail has been second to none. Professionalism, tremendous expertise, creativity, flexibility, value for money a superb artisan and an extremely efficient project manager.

Simply put excellent on every respect

Tim and Georgina, Alstone

We want you to know just how delighted we are with the work you have done for us recently. From design to completion you took on all the worries and responsibilities, thereby making the whole experience for us, stress free.

A great result. Please tell any potential customers that you have our authority to give them our email address and/or telephone number for them to view or discuss the improvements you have made for us.

Many thanks.

Ken & Carol - Ledbury

A tailor made fitted kitchen was something other people had-not me. However, all that has changed since meeting Mike from MGE Interiors. Mike came and talked through my wish list and introduced me to some other ideas that soon became part of my wish list!

Attention to detail was superb-the room is awkward; being very long, quite narrow and with a sloping ceiling. There are also two pillars to work around. Mike drew up plans-so detailed that it was really easy to see how the finished room would look and made several visits to 'tweak ' certain areas. Mike's team of trades people were excellent-the plasterer and electrician worked alongside Mike and Buff to create my dream kitchen. I love my floor to ceiling larder cupboards: my beautiful sleek granite worktops and splashbacks: my high quality appliances- to say I am pleased is an understatement!

Of course, I looked at other kitchen suppliers. Indeed, a well known DIY chain came out but when their 'designer' suggested that cabinets would fit behind the one pillar but...'you won't be able to open the door'!!!!...I knew not to bother looking anywhere else. Mike's quote also came in under that of the DIY chain. I would recommend Mike and his team to anyone wanting a quality, craftsman finished, affordable kitchen that will be the envy of many.

Jenny, Fiddington

We would like to take this opportunity to express our very sincere thanks for making it possible to now own the kitchen of our dreams. Your planning and design expertise together with your appliance recommendations were first class. Your team which included an electrician, plumber, plasterer and your very helpful assistant Buff they all worked in perfect harmony.

Your meticulous attention to detail right down to the last screw highlights the pride you take in your installations and the fact that all our cabinets and doors are top quality custom made together with the stunning granite worktops and splash backs make our kitchen unique.

Nothing was a problem for you, the quality of the finished kitchen is superb and we would have no hesitation in recommending MGE Interiors to anybody.

We love our kitchen Mike and once again very many thanks.
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Derek & Rita, Bredon

I would like to express Ceri and my thanks for the work you and your colleagues carried out earlier this year. The whole experience was pleasant and stress free right from the original design concept through to the work being carried out. It was refreshing to find someone who could help and advise on the design of the kitchen based on how we used it. I was very impressed with your attention to detail and found it very easy to discuss ideas and options with you.

Please pass on our thanks to all the trades men who you project managed. Whilst the work was being carried out we found all the team polite, helpful and skilled which made what could have been a stressful experience very stress-free. The end result is a bespoke kitchen and dining room which we are extremely pleased with and has impressed friends and family!

Once again many thanks.

Dr Doug Cowper BEng MBA PhD CEng FIET

As part of the development of a new five bedroom executive home, the kitchen had to enhance the overall property as well as being functional for everyday family use. In looking at a range options from builders merchants to kitchen specialist companies one stood out that company was MGE Interiors. From our first design meeting to the installation Mike worked tirelessly to meet and exceed our exacting requirements in a quick and efficient manner.

Paul & Hilary , Westmancote

Many thanks for all your hard work on the kitchen. Fantastic workmanship by Mike and his team! We love our tidy plumbing and how all the cupboards and drawers fit perfectly. Mike listened to what we had to say, was patient and gave us some good ideas. He sets customer satisfaction as his highest priority and that was much appreciated. The end result was definitely a unique bespoke kitchen, much admired.

Rosemary, Beckford

We had been thinking about changing our kitchen for a few years but having looked around the various kitchen showrooms, we realized we didn't really know what we wanted!

Last Christmas, whilst talking to a friend about various jobs we'd done over the summer we mentioned that our next plan was 'a new kitchen'! Her reply was 'I've just had a new kitchen fitted by M.G.E Interiors. I'm so pleased with it!' She invited us round to see it and we were immediately impressed and it was just the sort of thing we were looking for - plenty of cupboard space and work surface.

As we settled into 2010, we finally bit the bullet and contacted Mike. He came round and took all the various measurements and went away to draw up plans. As we wanted to maximize space, Mike suggested that could move the radiator, and the easiest way to do this would be to take down the ceiling to get to all the pipe work. This would save having to have all the floor boards and carpets up upstairs and would also mean we could get rid of the dated artex ceiling! We were a little concerned at how much work this would involve, but Mike assured us that it would be easy.

When Mike returned a week later with the plans we were really impressed and pleasantly surprised by the quote - far cheaper than the 'top end' High Street kitchen companies, and made-to-measure specifically for our needs! We decided to go ahead with the job!

Approximately 1 month later Mike and Buff arrived with all their kit to start work. Within no time at all the floor tiles had been removed and ceiling taken down. Next the plumber arrived to do the plumbing for the new radiator and the electrician came to do the wiring for the new lighting. The new ceiling was up in no time - we were painting by the weekend!

The complete kitchen transformation took just over 2 weeks and what a difference! We love it Mike! We'll certainly be recommending M.G.E Interiors to anyone we know that needs a new kitchen!

A very big thank you!

Mr & Mrs Jordan, Up Hatherly, Cheltenham

Raejean and I have always thought that the kitchen in our house was never suited to the rest of our house; it just seemed far too small to cater for a 4 bed house. In our eyes it was the one negative point of our house. For a few years we have wanted to do something about it. In the past we had heard many glowing reports from people that Mike had fitted kitchens in their properties. From these reports and looking at Mike's website we had no doubt that when the time came Mike would do the job.

From Mike's first visit, although we had good ideas of what we were trying to achieve, Mike had some great ideas and his input was invaluable, his experience and complete passion for what he does came through.

We basically knocked three rooms, a kitchen, utility and dining room into one large kitchen / dinner, also changing access from the side of the property to the rear of the house. Mike took on the whole project and dealt with builders, plumbers, electricians, plasterer, tilers and the window / door installers. Throughout the whole 3 week project it was seamless, hassle free and most importantly on time. Mikes and Buffs professional approach shone through from the first morning they turned up till the job was finished. They couldn't do enough to ensure we were happy with what was being done and were kept in the loop at all times.

Raejean and I are so pleased with our new made-to-measure kitchen; it's met all of our expectations and more. We would have no hesitation to recommend Mike to friends and family. Finally would just like to take this opportunity to say Thanks for your hard work it was very much appreciated!

Justin & Raejean, Walton Cardiff, Nr Tewkesbury

Well, we only waited 25 years after we moved in to finally update the kitchen diner, but have to say it was well worth the wait! Shireen has spent more time in the kitchen in the last month than in the previous 25 years (ouch - that was Shireen hitting me!) I only hope the novelty doesn't wear off.

We are so glad that we decided to use you as your help in designing everything from the word go was invaluable. OK, we had a basic idea what we wanted but your advice on moving the cooker, and the floor to ceiling cupboards, really did give more working space and make the room seem bigger. As for the fridge recommendation, worth every penny, keeps white wine and beer at perfect temperature, it doesn't do a bad job on veg either. Plus, you also project managed every aspect including electrics, plastering, ceiling and flooring very smoothly.

So relieved also that you like dogs as your 'doggie sitting' Taz for the duration of the siege saved us in kennel fees, which paid for the extra granite backsplash you persuaded us to have! Very happy we took your advice on that. Many thanks also to Buff, think he got to like Taz as well.

Thanks again, hope you are still going strong in 25 years time when we update, sadly the walls will still not be square. That was another obstacle you overcame without it being obvious that the width at floor level in the house is different to the ceiling.

Malcom & Shireen, Bredon

(This client was recommened to mge interiors by a builder)

About three years ago we decided we needed a new kitchen. We did endless tours of large commercial stores as well as specialist kitchen providers. We couldn't make any decisions... too much money ... too much choice. So instead we had some building work done on another room and shelved the project. We liked and trusted our builder and when we told him that his extension work should have been a kitchen, he recommended Mike. He told us it would be bespoke but not to be put off and think it too expensive.

One year on and we started looking again and remembered we had got Mike's card. We looked at his website, read testimonials and got in touch.

From the start we never ever felt pressured into employing him or into having particular appliances. Mike always gave us the benefit of his experience to help us make choices or decisions. He never made any decisions without consulting us. There were no unexpected surprises or hidden costs. The result was our bespoke kitchen at an extremely competitive price.

Mike created our wonderful kitchen which we are absolutely delighted with. Not only did he work to create an overall effective design but paid the utmost attention to detail. From start to finish the whole project ran very smoothly thanks to Mike's skills and professionalism. We would recommend him to anyone.

Maitland, Broadheath, Worcester

I hope you had a great holiday and have come back refreshed and ready for more challenges!

I just wanted to write to thank you for all your efforts in helping us to achieve our perfect kitchen

As you know, I hesitated to contact you, thinking that 'bespoke' was out of our price range, but your name cropped up a couple of times and I thought why not? and I am so glad we did - I think you remember my reaction to your quote - you thought I was horrified, but, in fact, I was gobsmacked that you were cheaper than two other local companies, who were not bespoke, and everything was included!

Even with so many other things going on here, you managed to get everything done to schedule (which was just as well as Christmas was two days away!) and I really appreciated the positive and 'no problem' attitude rather than the 'sharp intake of breath' attitude sometimes experienced.

We are really over the moon with the overall result and with the loo/utility room which you did in New Year. We feel it has changed the feel of the rooms completely and I am quite happy to potter about in the kitchen now (don't know how long that will last!).

Once again thanks for everything - you made what could have been a very difficult experience fairly painless - and I hope it wasn't too bad for you and Buff either!

Barbra, Westmancote Gloucestershire

John and I had been considering updating our kitchen for sometime, but had been unable to find a design that we were both happy with. Our vision was to take down an internal wall and extend into the dining room to create a contemporary, open plan kitchen. Taking down the wall limited the amount of space to house tall units, such as a double oven and tall ladder unit. Mike was able to create a design that addressed all our needs. The quote included bespoke units, which enabled us to make the most of all the space available. The price was most favourable, compared to other companies. They could only offer standard sized cabinets, which limited the design plan.

Installation of our kitchen was due to start in January 2010, the coldest winter on record for 30 years. Snow was deep on the ground, but Mike and Buff arrived as planned, even helping to clear the snow from our driveway. Despite the freezing temperatures and the hazardous conditions on the roads Mike did not miss a single day and the refit was completed efficiently and on schedule.

We were delighted with the quality of the workmanship and the attention to detail. Nothing was too much trouble and Mike consulted with us on every step of the project. The advice on lighting enhances the overall look of the kitchen and really sets off the units.

We are delighted to say we now have a very stylish, user-friendly kitchen and dining area and would have no hesitation in recommending MGE Interiors Ltd to family and friends.

Calvert, Eckington Nr Pershore Worcestershire

The problem we found in with the whole kitchen design and installation process was where we should start. None of our family or friends who have had a fitted kitchen was recommending a name or number. Our first visit was the Magnet showroom in Gloucester. They drew us a plan using our measurements. The sales person wanted us to sign up straight away but we had a few problems with the proposed layout, one of which left us a big gap on one run of wall units. The plan was ok but just didn't bowl us over, a lot of money for something that just didn't look that good or fit that well. We did ask how much more it would cost to upgrade to granite worktops, the sales person told us an extra &pound;5,000. It had been a pain spending an afternoon in a showroom to get a plan that we couldn't take home and to find out we couldn't afford the granite worktops.

Another weekend afternoon was spent in "Wickes". Very similar layout, very similar product. We didn't even ask about granite worktops, I don't think they do them anyway, just fake laminate that looks a bit like granite. They gave as a price to supply everything but they don't install, so that was for us to sort out. The kitchen they had quoted was in the sale and they put a lot of pressure on us to sign, before the so called sale ended. But again we thought it was still a lot of money with the same visual problems and didn't include any money for fitting.

Right from the beginning of the kitchen project our builder Dave had recommended that we make an appointment with Mike @ MGE Interiors.

We found the web site ages ago and it looked top quality, really impressive. The trouble was we had already been to Magnet and Wicks and we had just assumed it would cost loads more to have a made-to-measure kitchen that has been designed and installed to fit perfectly. Dave just kept on saying "what have you got to lose? Mike comes to your house for the first meeting, takes the measurements and on the second meeting you get to keep the plans. There is no charge and no pressure".

The costing including appliances from Wicks was £11,250 plus we needed about £1,500 for fitting. Total £12,750. The costing from Magnet was very similar and both companies were offering us Laminate worktops.

We now have a beautifully installed top quality made-to-measure MGE Interiors kitchen including cabinets, doors, panels, appliances and Indian Black Pearl Granite worktops and kidney shaped Granite breakfast bar.

The total cost was just over £14k. So our advice is don't be put off by Mike's expensive looking web site. If you can afford Magnet you can afford a made-to-measure kitchen and a hassle free experience. Like our builder kept saying to us: "what have you got to lose?".

Staunton Glos

Thanks for all your design thoughts and fitting skills, also well done to Buff, you are a bit hard on your young assistant Mike, but I am sure he will one day become a complete craftsman just like you.

Our bedroom and dressing room have now been wall papered and carpets fitted. We are both extremely pleased with the finished rooms they look stunning.

As you know we did have Sharps bedrooms to design and quote for the furniture installation prior to engaging your services. Some years ago Sharps installed wardrobes and drawer cabinets in our guest bedroom and we had been happy with their product and service.

I do now have to admit there is a substantial difference in quality. OK, you were right, a full carcase wardrobe is more desirable than the Sharps frame only system where you still see the back wall and the floor of the room. The fully extending, slow closing deep drawers with the glass sides do look, feel and operate much much better than the, what now seems cheap and inferior, drawer systems preferred by Sharps. Possibly the most notable are the worktops, the fake wood grain worktops that match the doors in the guest room look OK, until compared with the beautiful solid quartz worktops that have been machined, shaped and honed to fit perfectly in our bedroom and dressing room.

Undoubtedly the best aspect for us was the costings, your quotation including all the upgrades in quality from the Sharps Bedroom equivalent still came in as the least expensive.

So thanks Mike, it was well worth getting another quotation just for us to realise what you have achieved for less of our money.

Sue & Nick. Kinnersley Worcestershire

Godfrey & I would like to say how fortunate we were to have you install our new kitchen. I have waited a very long time for my kitchen and this year we felt it was the right time to go looking for a new kitchen. We did not realise how scary it is out there and the pressure that can be put on you to buy a fitted kitchen.

Our experience was as follows: Having looked around a couple of kitchen show rooms in Cheltenham and not getting that warm happy feeling from either, we decided to go over to Magnet and see what sort of offer we would get there – very welcoming as we walk in the door and before you look round, we are sat with a designer with our kitchen scale measurements, in next to no time we had the quote and were told that the offer was ending that weekend. Feeling a bit hot under the collar I nudged Godfrey to say I need to go home pretty quick.

Yes we had a quote, but it was like all the others, for standard units that did not marry with our non standard kitchen (but whose kitchen is standard?) and therefore did not allow use of the usable space that we desperately wanted to use, so on with the search.

By coincidence our daughter went to a coffee morning and could not wait to tell us what a fantastic new kitchen her friend had, as our daughter knew of our recent experience she strongly advised us to have a look at MGE Interiors web site. We had a good look at the web site and have to say we were very impressed with what we saw. Our only concern was the word "bespoke" and instantly we assumed (wrongly we have to admit) we would not be able to afford one of the kitchens from MGE.

Later our daughter was on our tail again asking if we had been in touch with MGE to get them to come and give us quote, her advice being 'If you don't dip your toe in you will never know'.

Feeling very nervous when Mike arrived we instantly liked what he had to say, he had ideas that we had not even dreamt of, including thoughts on how to utilise the dead space we had until now been unable to use. A couple of weeks went by before we went over to MGE to talk about our kitchen plans and quotation.

Again feeling quite nervous and wondering just how much this wonderful kitchen Mike had planned for us was going to cost, we were very pleasantly surprised – the quote was a marginally higher than Magnet but really no comparison as we were getting tailored made, hand painted kitchen with Granite tops, LED lights etc. designed to maximize the use of the available space for storage units. More importantly than anything the person that designed the kitchen was going to install it too.

The 29th June arrived and so did Mike and Buff, his assistant. Each day they arrived when they said they would and worked hard all day. The contractors Mike organised to do electrical work, plumbing and painting etc. were all excellent workers too, working tidily and efficiently over the two weeks stipulated. The work went according to plan and was completed within the advised time span. We thought we were going to be quite stressed with all this work going on but really we do not know why we were concerned as everything went just like clockwork.

So if you are reading this and feel that the word "bespoke" means you can't afford it then do like we did: 'Dip your toe in' and find out if you can afford it! For Bespoke read as "Tailor made to suit your specific requirements" and in the case of MGE Interiors, at a cost you can afford.

Right from the outset Mike promised to give us a kitchen with a "wow" factor. He lived up to his promise and we are delighted with it. Likewise our friends and relatives who have seen it have all said "wow", what better endorsement do you need!

In summary, if you want the best at an affordable price then make MGE Interiors your first port of call. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Bodenham - Up Hatherley Glos

Just putting into writing our thanks for all your work towards creating a lovely new kitchen for us.

From the early stages of design you guided us through with your vast knowledge and experience and were always willing to share ideas and thoughts. You and your team always arrived promptly and worked efficiently and tidily. The finished kitchen reflects the high level of craftsmanship and professionalism put into it and I am absolutely thrilled with the end result. Thank you very much.

Townley - Eckington Worcestershire

Our design objective was to achieve a simple and natural kitchen using wood, granite and limestone.

We had several other quotations, none of which met our expectations. For example Magnet's design tried to manipulate standard kitchen units into the space available. By contrast, Mike's design reflected exactly what we wanted, particularly in achieving the symmetry and balance that we had envisaged.

The quotation was also extremely competitive compared to Cotteswood, who appeared to offer similar quality. The MGE quotation was the only one that fully included essential work such as upgrading the electrical system and replacing the ceiling for new lights – these would presumably come as a surprise addition with other suppliers.

Mike invited us to visit a local family run manufacturer, who make the particular style of door and cabinets we required. This enabled us to finalise some design details and it was also clear that the kitchen would be constructed from scratch to Mike's exact specification.
He did an excellent job in project management and co-ordinating the various trades in exactly the planned timeframe. His background in boat-building became apparent as he fitted units against some walls that were less than square. As a fellow perfectionist he was also patient with us as we debated the proper placement of the knobs on drawers and cupboards!

All in all we were delighted with the final result which exactly matched what we first had in our mind's eye.

JRead - Welford on Avon Warwickshire

Mike asked me if I would mind writing down my thoughts of the kitchen refit which is now complete.

So just to put you in the picture. Tragically last year I lost my husband and sole mate to cancer.

My husband and I love this house, we have lived here for over 12 years. It's not a really old building but it feels like a cottage inside. Its set in beautiful surroundings over looking Bredon Hill. Over the years we upgraded various things the bathroom, new windows and a small extension. The kitchen was the last big project to make the cottage really special. But now I found myself on my own and I was, if I am honest a bit daunted.

I had been chatting about the kitchen project at work, and with my boss who had been a good friend with everything that had happened over the previous 18 months. A year before she had a fitted bedroom designed and installed by Mike and was over the moon with his efforts. Ann and her husband Gordon were quite insistent that I should ring Mike.

From our first meeting I felt quite reassured that he was the right choice. It wasn't just a kitchen refit. The room layout needed to be changed and that required an architect to draw plans to submit to the building control department, builders to knock down internal walls, RSJ beams installed, main electrical meter and consumer unit renewed and repositioned, the whole room replastered. After that install a new Aga and then fit a made-to-measure hand painted kitchen. Mike organised the architect, builder, electrician, plasterer and plumber; all of the tradesmen worked to Mike's schedule. The new enlarged kitchen diner looks fantastic, I love showing it off to all my family and friends they all seem totally amazed with the finished result.

Bolton - Twyning Glos

Mike and his company MGE Interiors are very well known and respected in and around Bredon Hill. He has designed and installed kitchens for many of our friends and work colleagues. When the time came for us, it really was a no brainer in my mind - it was always going to be Mike who created my dream kitchen.

I do enjoy looking through magazines to get new ideas for my latest project.

I can honestly say that I enjoyed the whole process. In the planning stage Mike came up with original ideas that very few other companies could consider because he has got this thing about symmetry and balance. Everything has to be specially made to his exacting size and specification.

I had a good idea of the colour and shape I wanted on the doors. Then Mike came up with some jazzy worktops with special metallic ABS edging on. I've never seen them before not even in my magazines. I had also decided that I didn't want wall tiles - that wasn't a problem. Continuous bushed steel panels on the hob wall with up stands and window sill installed to match the woodgrain worktop on the opposite wall. The handles we ended up choosing really set the whole kitchen beautifully, there is just so much choice, hundreds and hundreds. Other ideas like the LED plinth lighting was something I hadn't even considered and they look fantastic.

The installation was a bit of an eye opener for me. I had always thought there wasn't much to it, a couple of days, a few cabinets and that's it. Well that might be the case with some companies. Mike and his employee Buff start work at 8.15. At 10am they have 10 minutes for a sandwich, work until 1pm, lunch 30mins then carry on until 5 to 5.30pm everyday. All of our existing plumbing and electrical sockets were removed and new fittings perfectly positioned to suit the new layout. They use traditional copper pipe and solder the fittings, Mike does not trust the plastic speed fit stuff and he said it just looks ugly and unprofessional. Everything has to be just right and I really appreciate the attention to detail.

Every day I came home after picking the kids up to see the next stage of the job. We have all heard the nightmare stories of kitchen installations going wrong, the whole process being very stressful with cabinets that don't fit, parts missing and fitters that don't care. Well that was not our experience. Sure it's a bit disruptive with cooking and washing up but that is it. I found to be quite interesting and I actually missed them when they had finished on time and on budget.

I absolutely love my kitchen. When we were in the planning stage Mike said, "think on a scale of 1 to 10 how pleased you expect to be when the kitchen is complete and I promise you now, we will exceed that expectation". True it really is better than I had expected.

Neil & Lisa - Westmancote Glos

After getting designs and quotes from several well known kitchen companies including Magnet, our electrician recommended Mike Evans of MGE Interiors. He had worked with Mike on several occasions and described him as a perfectionist when it comes to installing kitchens.

From his first visit to our home, Mike fully discussed our needs and gave us real confidence that he would design and install our dream kitchen.

A week or so later we met Mike for the 2nd time to review his initial design which more than met our expectations.

The other pleasant surprise was the price he quoted for installing our new kitchen, this compared very favourably and in most cases was lower than other quotes received.

From this 2nd meeting some of the benefits of purchasing our new kitchen from Mike Evans became very clear and we had no hesitation in placing our order with him.

Comparable price quoted which included all plumbing and electrics, no hidden extras.

The price quoted was for a bespoke kitchen with cabinets specifically designed and made-to-measure for our new kitchen, allowing new design opportunities.

You only have to deal with one person, Mike Evans. He owns the job from the start to completion of the installation.

He designs and quotes for the kitchen, he orders all the materials and most importantly he installs your new kitchen.

He offers a very professional service and takes great pride in the quality of his workmanship and the finished installation.

He gave us great confidence that we had made the right purchase decision.

Now that our new kitchen has been installed we are delighted with the quality of cabinets and installation.

We have achieved our dream kitchen and we will certainly use Mike Evans again and be recommending him to our family and friends.

Young - Hatfield Worcestershire

Mr Bawdon working background: Director of Architectural and Interior Design Business; with responsibility for Commercial Project Management.

We had been attracted to the glossy showrooms of Magnet and others, all of who were offering January sales prices. With the threat of losing these so say "bargains", we were increasingly being pushed to conclude a deal. Not easy to please, I remained uncomfortable with what was being offered. The products appeared to be of poor quality, the showroom people seemed to have little practical knowledge and the layouts that were being drawn "shoehorned" standard ranges into the design.

My wife suggested we should maybe have a chat with Mike. What a difference! Suddenly we were talking about a bespoke quality product, designed and manufactured specifically for our kitchen. Mike was receptive to all our ideas and utilising his wealth of experience and knowledge, we quickly finalised the design. To cap it all, the final price was no more than I was being offered elsewhere!

The installation was quickly and efficiently concluded. It was a pleasure to observe a genuine craftsman take such pride in his work. Nothing was too much trouble; in setting such high standards for himself and his suppliers, the finished product was fantastic!

We are absolutely delighted with every aspect of our Bespoke MGE Interiors kitchen.

Bawdon - Bredon Glos

After enduring three separate attempts at the design of our master bedroom, all lacking in inspiration and flair, pretty similar in design with a similar lack of choice in door fronts, a chance conversation with a friend led us to MGE Interiors.

The design and quality, when compared to the previous three, was radical, with far more storage combined with the most modern stylish bedroom we could have wished for. Having had three other quotations we know we were more than happy with the package.

Holden - Alderton Glos

In July 07, like many families, our home was flooded. I managed to work out a cash settlement with the loss adjuster so that I could manage the remedial work. I have trade accounts with suppliers. So I had taken my room measurements down to the Build Base showroom in Gloucester and they came up with a quick plan. It wasn't great, but want can you expect, it's all just standard stuff and we have some odd sizes to work with.

I've known Mike for over 10 years and he has designed and fitted kitchens for both my Mum and my Sister. I didn't think we could afford one of Mike's Bespoke kitchens, but on the off chance I showed him the plans and told him our budget, he laughed and ripped them up, then went off to plan our kitchen. Two meetings later we had the perfect layout and 6 weeks after that we had a made-to-measure cream hand painted kitchen with solid Iroko worktops.

It looks fantastic and I fitted most of it myself with some help and guidance from Mike.

Cooper - Newtown Tewkesbury Glos

Mike's attention to detail is not only in the millimetre perfect plans, but also the exceptional
fit. Who has ever heard of perfectly fitting shut lines on kitchen doors!

Mr & Mrs Carpenter - Bredon

Mr Wilkinson has a working background in quality control; if there were a flaw it would be spotted!

I've recommended MGE Interiors, to friends, family and work colleagues and I can honestly say in over 13 years he has never let his standards slip.

Wilkinson - Bredon Glos

In 2004 I received a personal referral to MGE Interiors limited. "This company will meet all your expectations of a bespoke kitchen with high class design, fittings, execution and quality after sales service at very competitive pricing"

After several meetings with the Mike, using his experience and guidance a design was agreed, endorsed by a comprehensive written specification and quotation. Placing the order start time and completion dates were agreed. During the work in my home I was away on holiday, on return I found a wonderful fitted kitchen with all building works completed.

5 years later the dishwasher from my original kitchen failed. Mike had incorporated the reuse of this appliance in the design with cabinet doors to completely conceal it. I purchased a new replacement dishwasher but my son in law struggled to fit it. I rang Mike he called in the next evening and made it fit perfectly. He would not even accept any payment, describing it as part of the after sales service.


Watmore - Bishops Cleeve Glos

We have now worked with Mike on 3 projects around this house. Nothing he does is rushed and we both appreciate Mike's original design ideas and his meticulous attention to detail.

When we move house there will be more projects for MGE Interiors.

Jones - Elmley Castle Worcestershire