Popular Finish

In both Contemporary and Traditional styles

Our painted finish has now become the most popular choice in both Contemporary and Traditional styles of kitchens.

To see some examples of kitchens installed with this finish, please click on the "Popular Selection" filter on our portfolio page.

The success of our paint system is based on three main factors.

Colour choiceStand out from the crowd - choose a unique colour scheme

You can design different sections of the kitchen in different colours e.g. tall bank in one colour and the rest of the units in a complimentary colour.

Or just choose everything in a single colour of your choice.

Maintenance.Easily paint over any scratches or blemishes

Our system allows for touch up painting (clients retain unused paint), easily restoring the door or panel to its original pristine finish.

Simply apply with brush or mini roller and just after just a few hours drying time the paint will blend in and the scratch will disappear.

MakeoverChange your kitchen's colour to the latest fashion.

After a few years you may decide that your kitchen needs a whole new look.

Our paint system allows for a complete colour change, so no cost for new doors and panels.

Dulax paints?

Dulux Tailor Made Colour

Dulux Tailor Made Colour offers the widest choice of paint colours in a great range of finishes - mixed specially for you . The database has over 12,000 colours.

The really clever bit about Dulux Tailor Made Colour is that by following a few simple steps you can find colours that go wonderfully together, or with existing furniture or furnishing. Click here to link to the Dulux website