Kitchen by MGE Interiors

MGE design compared with Local Retailer design

Please take a close look at the example CAD images below which show an MGE design compared to a local retailer's design. I have highlighted some key areas below but you may be able to spot more yourself.

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MGE design using made to measure cabinets   Local retailer design using standard cabinets

Extra high wall and tall units fitted to 60mm of the ceiling dead fit scribe panel above.


Wall units 720mm high with cornice. Reduced storage plus a great dust trap.


Mike's design advice - 90% of kitchen designs feature a Cornice fitted above the doors on the wall units. The majority of kitchen ceilings in the UK vary between 230cm - 250cm, so why would you choose to install short wall units with a dirt and dust trap above.


Wall units 350mm depth to accommodate full size dinner plates. Our units are made using 18mm colour matched board throughout. sides, top, bottom and back panels. The front edges bonded with super hardwearing colour matched 3mm ABS.

Wall units 300mm depth you cannot store your dinner plates in these.


Matching 22mm moisture resistant decor end panels are a scribed fit to the ceiling

Decor end panels; if they are used; are likely to be a different structure with a max depth of 600mm


Both of the client's existing white goods washing machine and dishwasher have been concealed on the left and right hand side of the hob, the worktop is extra deep and two 350mm wide doors cover each appliance.

Existing free standing white goods dishwasher and washing machine, they don't look great!!!


Mike's design advice - fully integrated dishwashers are fine, however fully integrated washing machines whatever the make are a disaster waiting to go wrong.


The extractor is built into the wall cabinet due to the extra deep 350mm. The wall unit design lines remain unbroken, this system creates natural finish points for cooker back panel, whatever the choice of material Granite, Glass, Quartz or tiles. Moist cooking air capture is also improved.

Recirculation Extraction, this design layout could not achieve ducting to outside air, plus its horrible


Mike's design advice - Why do most kitchen designs feature a stainless steel or glass canopy type extractor, answer because they are mostly cheap and easy to install, especially when used as a re-circulating hood where the air is returned to the room this system does not satisfy either Part F of the Building Regulations or the Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide . The forward projection at eye line height creates an awkward detail.


American fridge freezer is designed not to project forward of the tall cabinets, including the doors this type of fridge are 700mm in depth. The design allows for extra deep tall cabinets and end panels, the top box fitted above the appliance is 160mm wider, this allows 80mm back fillers on the left and right hand side of the fridge. The result is a neat integration of a bulky appliance.

American fridge freezer projects forward into the room. Standard size end panels  are 600mm deep


Mike's design advice - remember never install American fridge freezer within 300mm of a wall, the freezer door has to open 135 degrees before the drawers can be opened.


Balance and symmetry are a strong feature in the design. door and drawer front size matters!

Standard size end panels are 600mm deep. Door size especially in the corner wall and base units look very unbalanced with poor access.


Mike's design advice - Small door widths i.e.300mm should be avoided at all costs, limited access = limited storage. One of my pet hates = a wall width of 1778mm Standard size cabinet option = 1x 1000mm unit 1x 300mm 1x 400mm plus a 78mm filler. Bespoke size cabinet option = 3 x 592mm.


Integrated cabinet lighting, Creating soft mood lighting, LED lighting fitted to underside of wall units and underside of base units. Ceiling lights should be an option cabinet lighting is a must!!!

Can you see any lighting?? No because the CAD Design software is not HD


Heating the room, tall designer radiators come in many shapes and sizes.

Room heating plinth type. Plinth heating does a job however they don't look great and the fan can get really irritating.

In summary a bespoke kitchen will give you a more impressive and practical kitchen, with better storage solutions and clever integration of white goods, plus beautiful lighting and heating options within the design.

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