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Kitchen by MGE Interiors

Design and design principles

As a designer, my aim is to incorporate all the functional requirements of a modern well-equipped kitchen, whilst keeping the design as beautiful and bespoke as you need it.

Imaginative and unique designs you really can have both with no compromise! That's why MGE Interiors designs are different.

Balance and symmetry is always a strong theme in every design.

Using a different set of design principles with no size constraints allows us to take centre points and design in symmetry around them. Every millimetre of available space can be used. Cabinets and doors are made specific for each project

Please take a close look at the example CAD images below.

Design using standard cabinets
cad kitchen design

This design was offered by another local kitchen company and shows the limitations of standard size cabinets and doors.

  • Standard height Cabinets fitted with cornice leaving a useless gap to ceiling (a dust trap)
  • Tall units on the far left  300mm wide doors paired with 450 wide doors, (unbalanced)
  • Tall unit height  requires 2 doors as no standard size tall doors are available (pointless)
  • Tall oven housing no choice at exactly what height the client requires ovens (typical)
  • Hob cannot be centred on the worktop run (very limited choice in drawer widths)
  • Stainless steel Canopy extractors (wasted storage space, awkward wall tiling, limitations as to how ducting to outside can be achieved, high maintenance cleaning (a dust trap).

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Design using made to measure cabinets
cad kitchen design

This design shows the same kitchen designed in bespoke format by MGE Interiors

  • Cabinet height to fit from floor to ceiling with extra storage space and no dust trap
  • Cabinet widths designed in complete balance and symmetry
  • Extra extra wide deluxe drawer systems designed to use all of the available width
  • Powerful extractor mounted in specially designed deep wall unit with storage still available
  • Two equal width, full height doors on 1 full width tall cabinet
  • Client specified the exact height for ovens.